Kitchen Counter DIY

My kitchen counter was your standard Formica. It was ugly and I wanted to update my kitchen. I did some research and decided to use tile. I ended up getting 12″x12″ tile from Home Depot.

I used thin set right on top of the old Formica. They suggest you rough up the Formica with heavy grit sandpaper but I didn’t and it’s held really well for the past year.

I used Oak Floor transition strips for the trim around the tile. it worked perfectly because the tile was able to sit on the lip created by the transition. And the Oak against the tile looks fantastic.

For a back splash I purchased peel and stick backsplash from Home Depot.

After I laid down the tile I used grout per the directions then when it was completely dry I sprayed the grout with a grout protector to prevent stains.

I’m pretty happy with the results.