The table is made from teak panels finished with urethane and black plumbing pipe.

The Light fixture is purpleheart wood with black pipes. The twisted covered wires and shades are from Vintage Wire and Supply.

The Shelf on the wall is made from the cut offs of the teak panels, black pipe, and copper pipe tees.

Wall Sconce

The shade for this was purchased at an online store that sells vintage (but new) electrical supplies.

Vintage Wire and Supply

I also purchased the plug and wire for this lamp from Vintage Wire and Supply.

Table Lamp

Directions to create this lamp are on the DIY page

Kitchen Island Pendant Light

The middle board for this lamp is purpleheart with a urethane finish. The shades and wires were purchased from Vintage Wire and Supply. I bought the pipes online from a plumbing supply company (cheaper than Lowe’s)

Paper Towel Holder

TV Stand

I would do this one completely differently now that I know more.


Towel Shelf

This is an easy build and works well for a towel holder in the bathroom. Make sure you urethane the pipes well to prevent rust.


I built the ottoman out of leftover pieces of wood. I used pages of the Stand by Stephen King with Modge Podge. I Purchased the cushion at Home Depot.

Oak Desk

The top of this desk is made out of two 4 foot oak stair treads. The stair treads have one squared off side and one rounded side. I glued the two square sides together. I bought the pieces for a drawer pull off Amazon.

Kitchen Table

The table is made from teak panels from Lowe’s. Finished with urethane.

Book Shelves

The book shelves are mostly 12 inch pipes with tee pipe connectors. I used flanges for the top and bottom and 1/2 way down. The top and middle flanges are connected to the wall.

The boards are pine 1/2″x4″x12″

The bench is made with 4″x4″ cedar posts connect with pocket holes made with a pocket jig and finished with spar urethane.