I started making pipe furniture when I saw one of the pipe lamps online. When I saw they were selling for $400 I thought, I can do that!

This lamp was very easy to make. I bought all of the components from Lowe’s. The pieces of pipe just screw together.

You can see the pieces I purchased to make the lamp. All of the pieces were purchased at Lowe’s except the lightbulb which I bought at Home Depot.

The pipe pieces are very greasy when you buy them. I cleaned them using Goo Gone then when I was finished with the lamp I sealed it using brush on oil based urethane. (don’t use water based urethane, the pipes will rust)

I purchased a replacement plug and ran it through the pipe to the light socket. The faucet handle doesn’t turn the light on and off but I have seen some on Etsy you can buy to make this work.

Here are the pieces that make up the bottom of the lamp.