Clock Directions


  1. Wood board – I used two poplar planks that I glued together but you can use any type of wood.
    • The dimensions of the clock are 24″ tall x 10″ wide
  2. Clock movement
    • You can buy the clock movement and hands from any hobby supply store. I bought these at Michaels
  3. (4) flanges
  4. (4) 1/2″ Close pipe connector
  5. (4) 1/2″ black elbow
  6. (2) 4″ black pipe
  7. Numbers
    • I purchased these from Michaels but I don’t think they sell them anymore. You can get them online from Amazon or find another type of object for the numbers
  8. Gears
    • I purchased these from Michaels too but again I don’t think they sell them. I found them on Amazon
  9. Stainless Steel screws
    • to attach the gears
  10. Copper brads
    • I used copper brads to attach the numbers
  11. Spar Urethane
    • Sanded and finished with oil based urethane – DO NOT use water based urethane or any water based sealant. The pipes will rust. The pipes need to be cleaned (I use goo gone) and sealed when finished